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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0016081 1 [Xdmf]
(No Category)
crashnew2016-04-26ParaView5.0.1 Xdmf3 Reader error (xf3)
  0016080 1 [Xdmf]
(No Category)
crashnew2016-04-26ParaView5.0.1 Xdmf3 Reader error
  0016036    [CDash]
(No Category)
minornew2016-03-28Sort order not preserved between views
  00154812   [CDash]
(No Category)
majorassigned (Julien Jomier)2016-03-03backup folder not being cleaned up
  001572661 [Xdmf]
(No Category)
majornew2016-02-25Python API compilation does not work
  0015985    [Xdmf]
(No Category)
majornew2016-02-24import error for python3.5
  0015981    [Xdmf]
(No Category)
majornew2016-02-18The Xdmf3 API returns a major version number of 2
  0015980 1 [Xdmf]
(No Category)
majornew2016-02-18XDMF file opens in ParaView but not using XDMF API.
  0015979    [Xdmf]
(No Category)
trivialnew2016-02-17XDMF library creates 2D geometry with GeometryType "VXVY" which is not documented anywhere.
  0015972 1 [Xdmf]
(No Category)
minornew2016-02-12"Write Xdmf" example code at does not work.
  0015800 1 [CDash]
(No Category)
minornew2016-01-07[PATCH] LDAP bind fails with password containing special characters
  0015779    [CDash]
(No Category)
featurenew2015-10-08Support CDASH_EXTERNAL_AUTH where usernames are not email addresses.
  0015764    [CDash]
(No Category)
majornew2015-10-02web display broken for tests that have multiple image diffs
  00157342   [Xdmf]
(No Category)
majorconfirmed (Joachim Pouderoux)2015-09-10missing QUADRILATERAL_9 in the XdmfTopologyType constructor
  00153502   [Xdmf]
(No Category)
crashconfirmed (Joachim Pouderoux)2015-09-10crash when writting data with string arrays
  000933723 [Xdmf]
majornew2015-09-10ParaView 3.6.1: XMDF regregression
  0015716    [CDash]
minornew2015-08-28CDash doesn't show which Dynamic Analysis tests passed
  0015645    [VTKEdge]
(No Category)
minornew2015-07-09vtkJavaGarbageCollector only for Swing - SWT variant would be nice
  0015646    [VTKEdge]
(No Category)
minornew2015-07-09[JAVA] The orientationMarkerWidget is garbage collected if it is created with attachOrientationAxes from vtkAbstractComponent
  00145282   [Xdmf]
(No Category)
featurenew2015-05-14Polyhedral grid cell support in XDMF
  0015513 1 [CDash]
(No Category)
featurenew2015-04-13Don't include failed tests in timing graph
  00154841   [CDash]
(No Category)
minornew2015-03-31Missing build failure command line argument
  00154531   [CDash]
(No Category)
majornew2015-03-28regression: cdash no longer sends emails for commits to svn repositories
  0015473    [CDash]
(No Category)
majornew2015-03-24PostgreSQL slow client_job queries
  00154521   [CDash]
(No Category)
minornew2015-03-17some cdash logs not clearing
  00153943   [CDash]
(No Category)
minornew2015-02-20valgrind output not handled properly
  0015406 1 [CDash]
(No Category)
minornew2015-02-17CDash session cookie not using httpOnly flag
  0015391    [CDash]
(No Category)
featurenew2015-02-05flag when notes file contents change
  00153833   [CDash]
(No Category)
minornew2015-02-01CDash report spanning over two rows due to a / in the CTEST_SITE
  001492221 [VTKEdge]
(No Category)
minornew2015-01-23vtkClipPolyData clips data wrongly with box clip function
  0015353    [CDash]
(No Category)
minornew2015-01-14Invalid Test.xml not reported as error
  00153482   [Xdmf]
(No Category)
featurenew2015-01-14Allow a binary offset to be specified when reading binary files
  0015337    [BatchMake]
  0015330    [CDash]
(No Category)
minornew2014-12-30Installation problems on Debian 7 - please rename javascript directory
  001501071 [CDash]
majorresolved (Julien Jomier)2014-12-01Schema upgrade fails with Postgres database
  001512211 [Xdmf]
(No Category)
minornew2014-11-20Empty h5 file generated
  00151512   [Xdmf]
(No Category)
minornew2014-11-20When save data with XDMF3 necessary text is written to the file (in Paraview 4.2.0-RC1)
  0015192    [CDash]
(No Category)
minornew2014-10-03SQL deadlock in ComputeTestTiming
  001518421 [CDash]
(No Category)
minornew2014-10-01Add action to remove a build by id
  0015177    [CDash]
(No Category)
featurenew2014-09-29CDash memcheck: improve views for dynamic analysis
  00151522   [CDash]
(No Category)
minornew2014-09-29Redmine repository viewer: svn subdirectory as root creates broken URLs to diffs
  001517111 [CDash]
featureresolved (Julien Jomier)2014-09-23[PATCH] Support for Atlassian Stash
  0015153    [CDash]
(No Category)
featurenew2014-09-11Email alerts: add delta information in addition to current information
  0013719    [CDash]
(No Category)
minornew2014-09-11Would like more visible memcheck results
  0015120    [Xdmf]
(No Category)
minornew2014-09-01Build fails with IBM XL Compiler 12.1.0
  0015109    [CDash]
(No Category)
minorresolved (Julien Jomier)2014-08-26buildSummary doesn't show update error
  0015080    [CDash]
minornew2014-08-13CDash doesn't seems to support measurement with space in their name
  0015056    [CDash]
(No Category)
featurenew2014-08-04Add rules to automatically add more Repository Credentials in addition to emails
  0015055    [CDash]
(No Category)
featurenew2014-08-04Automatically add (LDAP) users to projects
  001387911 [CDash]
(No Category)
minornew2014-08-04[PATCH] Improve redmine repository viewer links (no revision)
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