[GCC-XML] How to get more info from error message, resulting in ICE?

Marcus Lindblom macke at yar.nu
Fri Jan 9 09:54:45 EST 2009

Brad King wrote:
> Marcus Lindblom wrote:
>> Marcus Lindblom wrote:
>>> The full preprocessed source is available at the following url, if it
>>> helps.
>>> http://www.yar.nu/macke/misc/gccxml-pyopensg-ice.txt.gz
>> I reran with the latest CVS (from 1 hour ago), on Windows Vista 32-bit.
> It looks like gccxml's internal GCC parser does not like MSVC's offsetof
> macro definition from the <cstddef> header.  I've committed a fix.

Thanks for the quick response and fix! I'd never have tracked that down 
myself. :)

I updated, rebuilt and reran, and got a different error message, 
followed by an ICE again. The Boost-error I can probably work on, but 
the new ICE is a bit scary:

C:/Program Files/boost/boost_1_36_0/boost/mpl/bool_fwd.hpp:21: sorry, 
unimplemented: call_expr cannot be mangled due to a defect in the C++ ABI
C:/Program Files/boost/boost_1_36_0/boost/type.hpp:14: internal compiler 
error: Segmentation fault

Is the latter error due to the former?
Is there anything I can do additionally to pinpoint this?

Thanks again!


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