[GCC-XML]re: Adding function body information

Mark Purtill purtill at alum.mit.edu
Fri Dec 21 15:37:27 EST 2001

	As with everyone else, we think GCC_XML is really cool.
However, we really would need a complete try to be able to do anything
with it.  In the archives, I found:

Brad King wrote:
>> >> an extension that allows me to dump also parts of function bodies to xml.
>> >If you succeed in this implementation, we would love to have it
>> >contributed.  Thanks for your efforts.
>> Has there been any progress with this? (Before I do the same myself :-)
>Yes.  A nearly complete implementation was recently sent to me by Thomas
>Kuhn, but I haven't yet had time to integrate it with GCC-XML.  I will
>hopefully get to this soon.  When it is in CVS, I'll send an announcement
>to the list.

	I don't see anything in the archives after this, so I assume
Bard King still hasn't had time.  If that's likely to be true for a while,
is there any chance that Thomas Kuhn's implementation could be made
available in another form?

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