[GCC-XML]gcc-xml in the build process (make)

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Mon Nov 12 18:20:30 EST 2001

Hi Markus,

> First let me tell you that gcc-xml and its implications are simply
> fantastic IMO!
Thanks :)

> - that one can generate the xml output as a by-product of the normal
> build process?
This is correct.  You can add -fxml=foo.xml and get the XML output during

> - that you get meta information and object code that are completetly
> consistent this way?
This is also correct, using the same flag as above.  Often the
meta-information will be mostly correct even if errors occur during

> - that compilation time will be less than with separate compile/xml runs?
Definately.  Separate runs means separate parsing steps.  The XML dump
requires almost no time in comparison to the other steps.

> - that the xml facility will be integrated into standard gcc one day
> soon?
One day...maybe.  Soon...unfortunately, no.  If it becomes more widely
used, something similar may eventually be accepted by the GCC folks.  
Currently I have no official connection with them.  Also, the tool is
mostly tuned for use with CABLE (http://public.kitware.com/Cable) to
generate Tcl wrappers for C++ classes.  It has yet to be used for much
more than that, and thus the XML may be missing information that you might
need (like function bodies).

Thanks for your interest,

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