[GCC-XML]Version 0.2 Available

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Thu Apr 4 09:48:48 EST 2002

Hello, all:

I have several announcements:

1.)  We have obtained the domain "gccxml.org" for this project.  The
     web pages and CVS repository are now available at www.gccxml.org.
     Please visit these pages for updated CVS instructions.  The old
     checkout location will still work, but we may eventually remove
     the support.

2.)  Version 0.2 of GCC_XML is available.  This is the first release
     since the re-write of the core dump.  The format is NOT backward
     compatible.  However, there have been several major changes:

       - GCC-XML now involves two executables.  The actual patched GCC
         executable is now called "gccxml_cc1plus".  The "gccxml"
         executable is now a front-end that automatically detectes the
         GCCXML_FLAGS setting for all supported compilers.  Refer to the
         web page for further instructions.

       - The new dump format is much shorter, cleaner, and less redundant.
         It supports dumping a subset of the translation unit by starting
         a walk of references at a location specified by the new
         -fxml-start option.

3.)  The web page has been brought up-to-date to conform with the changes
     listed above.  Most of the instructions have changed, so please
     read them if you intend to use the new version.

If you use the new version, please let me know what you think.


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