[GCC-XML]reversed line order in gccxml

Alia Amin camin at cip.rz.fh-offenburg.de
Mon Oct 28 05:24:04 EST 2002

One of the characteristic of gccxml which i observed is that the 
elements of the xml corresponding line in a c/c++ source code is reversed.

<?xml version='1.0'?><GCC_XML>
  <Function name='last_function_on_source' context='_1' location='f0:80' 
id='_2' returns='_3'/>
  <Function name='first_function_on_source' context='_1' location='f0:6' 
id='_5' returns='_3'/>
<FundamentalType name='int' id='_3'/>
<File name='test.c' id='f0'/>

Is there anyway to reverse this, ie getting the order back from the 
smallest to the largest ?
I would like the xml files in this order for documentation purpose.
Thanks in advance,


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