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Wed Sep 11 03:17:50 EDT 2002


Late answer but ...

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> c++ code:
> void Read_Time_Int (long unsigned int *upper_rtc, long unsigned int
> *lower_rtc);

In the same situation, what I do is simply to add an extra step of
preprocessing, replacing all function declarations by
(dummy) function definitions:

In your example:

void Read_Time_Int (long unsigned int *upper_rtc, long unsigned int
*lower_rtc) {}


 <?xml version="1.0"?>
  <Namespace id="_1" name="::" members="_2 "/>
  <Function id="_2" name="Read_Time_Int" returns="_3" context="_1"
    <Argument name="upper_rtc" type="_4"/>
    <Argument name="lower_rtc" type="_4"/>
  <FundamentalType id="_3" name="void"/>
  <PointerType id="_4" type="_5"/>
  <FundamentalType id="_5" name="long unsigned int"/>
  <File id="f0" name="gccxml.cpp"/>

Hope this helps,

-- Christian

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