Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Thu Sep 19 11:32:04 EDT 2002


> someone patched gcc-3.2 with gccxml ?
> I tried with gccxml-0.2 but, apart fake_node in NAMESPACE switch and other
> things, like strdup that compiler say is poisoned, the compilation fails
> cause cpp segfault at a certain time during ./configure in libstdc++

Unfortunately, gcc 3.0.4 is the last version currently supported by
GCC-XML's patch.  The main problem is that GCC-XML is supposed to be able
to parse C++ programs intended for other compilers.  While most compilers'
headers can be parsed with only a few pre-processor tricks, parsing the
headers for gcc 2.95.x requires the use of the std:: namespace hack.
This hack was removed from GCC on the 3.1 release and later.  It is
possible to write header file wrappers to be used by GCC-XML when parsing
gcc 2.95.x headers to gloss over the std namespace, but it will be very
tricky, and I currently have no time to do it.

There is nothing that GCC-XML will do when part of gcc 3.2 that it won't
when part of gcc 3.0.4.  Since it is now a stand-alone tool, I don't
recommend making the patch part of your compiler installation anyway.
GCC-XML with gcc 3.0.4 can still be used to parse programs written for gcc
3.2.  Just remember to invoke it through the front-end and not the cc1plus


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