[GCC-XML]Decorated (Mangled) Symbol Names

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Mon Sep 23 09:53:37 EDT 2002


> Is it possible and feasible to add decorated/mangled symbol names to the
> output produced by gcc-xml, so that symbol names may be correlated to
> their types?

What do you mean by "symbol names may be correlated to their types"? If
you are trying to take the output of "nm" (or similar tool) and use it to
look up something about the symbol, then GCC-XML will probably not help
you.  The mangled names produced by GCC-XML will match the name-mangling
scheme used by the version of GCC with which GCC-XML was built.  The
mangled names in the actual .o files will be those produced by the actual
compiler.  Unless they are the same version of GCC, they will probably be
different.  While GCC-XML's preprocessor and parser can simulate other
compilers, its name mangling scheme cannot.


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