[GCC-XML] unsupported type tree_list?

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Tue Nov 9 17:36:31 EST 2004

John Morrison wrote:
> Hi;
> (1) Keep in the back of your mind that I still get that "id collision"
> error.  (I am building gccxml from CVS sources, so I don't think I
> have the version that puts the property characters "c" and/or "v"
> after the IDs -- I have the "new" scheme?)

The CVS version does put the c/v characters there.  I do not know why 
you are not getting them for that type.  Do you for other types?  I 
would like to fix this but I need to be able to reproduce it.  If you 
could send me the preprocessed source via private email in a compressed 
file then I can look at it.

> (2) I see about 50 lines of the following when running gccxml on code
> that uses STL (there are no other diagnostics):
> xml_find_template_parm encountered unsupported type tree_list

This looks like a separate issue.  Please submit this to the bug tracker:


If you can produce it just by including STL headers in a small source 
file, please include it in the submission.

> (3) I get the following (bogus?) xml output from stl_alloc.c, line 338.
>   <Enumeration id="_20571" name="._50" context="_5653" access="private" 
> location="f505:338" file="f505" line="338" artificial="1" size="32" 
> align="32">
> I think it's bogus in that there doesn't seem to be any "_50" anything
> anywhere in the file (or in the include directory).

The "._50" is a name generated by GCC for some internal variable.  It is 
safe to ignore these.

One way to cleanup/shorten the output is to use the "-fxml-start" 
option.  You can name any declaration and the dump will include only 
that and anything it references directly or indirectly (the subgraph of 
references if walked).  The default start declaration is the global 
namespace so everything is dumped.  See "gccxml --help" for how to use 
the option.


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