[GCC-XML] Updated gccxml DTD

Martin Piskernig martin.piskernig at univie.ac.at
Sun Nov 14 13:26:30 EST 2004


First let me thank you for your excellent software! I wanted to write a 
C++ parser for my thesis on my own but already after some days gave up 
frustrated its very complex syntax. Then I discovered gccxml and I saw 
some light on the horizon :-)

To learn about the possible tags and attributes I have created an 
updated gccxml DTD based on a July 2003 file by Paul Ross. It should 
cover all tags and attributes from gccxml's CVS as of today.

I'm not totally sure about REQUIRED and IMPLIED attributes so I chose 
what I can see from the generated files.

I created some quite big (1-3MB) XML files from various C++ libraries 
and they seem to have no validation problems (tested with xmllint).

However, if you have some problem with the DTD just email me!

One minor problem: In the xml.c file a destructor is parsed similar to a 
constructor or a method (in function xml_output_function_decl). But 
there is one difference: A destructor has no arguments so it would be 
nice to add a check where you parse the arguments to skip that section 
if the current tag is a destructor and close the <Destructor tag 
with /> instead of creating an empty <Destructor ...></Destructor> tag. 

The DTD chokes on this currently so I told it (incorrectly) that a 
destructor can have arguments.

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