[GCC-XML]Can gcc_xml process MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) based programs?

Saikumar Dubagunta sai at appera.com
Wed Nov 17 13:47:45 EST 2004

Brad & others,

   Has anybody successfully completed the patching of MFC header files.

  I am trying to get the following thing thru, get a lot of errors.

#include "ATLComTime.h"

class MyDateTime : public COleDateTime


Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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Krassimir Boyadjiev wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> First of all - congratulations for the nice work done! GCC_XML makes
> a lot of conceptual sense!
> I apologize if you already answered this question, but I tried to do
> my homework without success...
> I searched the e-mail archive and I installed and tried gcc_xml, but
> looks like there are fundamental issues that prevent GCC from
> compiling MFC-based programs. Do I have a chance to process MFC
> code?

The GCC parser that comes with GCC-XML cannot handle some of the 
MSVC-specific, non-standard code that is present in MFC headers.  In 
your GCC-XML installation you will find a Vc6, Vc7, or Vc71 directory 
that contains patched standard library headers.  These were produced by 
the installation process by finding your MSVC installation and 
copying/patching some headers to make them parsable by GCC-XML. 
Whatever errors you get in MFC headers can be fixed by copying the 
offending header into this wrapper directory and fixing the error by 
hand.  Once that is completed, there should be no problem processing MFC 

> One more question - looks like gcc_xml does not process function
> bodies and those do not get in the resulting XML. Are there plans to
> incorporate that functionality?


> Um... one more question - is the resulting XML format proprietary,
> or is it something that is accepted by the community (like GXL, for
> example).

It is GCC-XML specific and is not based on any widely accepted design.

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