[GCC-XML] Simulate g++ on windows ... getting confused

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Tue Apr 12 10:33:07 EDT 2005

Thomas Menguy wrote:
> I use gcc-xml 7.0 rebuilt from the cvs head with CMAKE under windows,
> everything fine except that only VC6 seems to be emulated ... and I
> need an emulation of a mingw g++ I have on my machine.
> BUT : CMAKE build the project for Vc6 and only creates a directory
> with Vc6 includes in th ebid directory.
> Could you provide me , if possible with an example of command line to
> emulate my g++?

Currently the MinGW g++ is not officially supported, but please add a 
feature request for it here:


Meanwhile you can look at the GCC_XML/Support/GCC/find_flags script in 
the source tree.  Try running it with a mingw shell and give it g++ as 
an argument.  If it prints out some flags then you can set them in an 
environment variable called GCCXML_FLAGS and then gccxml may properly 
simulate the compiler.


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