[GCC-XML] Parameter names in xml output for function declarators

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Fri Apr 29 15:09:44 EDT 2005

Andreas Degert wrote:
> the xml output of gccxml supplies parameter names for functions, but
> not for function declarators. Would the appended patch to change that
> be acceptable? I'm not a gcc expert, so I hope the patch makes
> sense.. at least it works for me. I think it's quite valuable for
> projects using gccxml to scan header files, e.g. for language
> bindings.

Wow, thanks for taking the time to find a way to add this commonly 
requested feature.  Please add a feature-request to the bug tracker:


Once the entry is created you can go back in and attach your patch as a 
file.  Then when I get time I'll investigate whether this is safe and 
hopefully be able to integrate the changes.


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