[GCC-XML] Parameter names in xml output for function declarators

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Sat Apr 30 08:39:36 EDT 2005

Andreas Degert wrote:
> Perhaps I can use this mail to bring up another point.. I compiled
> gccxml on a x86_64 machine in 32 bit mode and got a 64 bit compiler
> (alignment of structures 64bit etc). Did I overlook something or is
> that a bug in cmake (or in the gccxml cmake configuration? .. not sure
> where to file it if its a bug).

The CMake build system for the GCC part of gccxml was never intended to 
make it build a particular configuration, so I'm not surprised by this 
problem.  Please submit this as another bug report.  I'm not sure it 
will be easy to fix but it should at least be investigated and documented.


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