[GCC-XML] Templates yet again.

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Thu Jan 27 19:53:04 EST 2005

Lemmih wrote:
>>This may be possible but implementing it will have to wait until full
>>uninstantiated template dumping is implemented.  Likely the output
>>representation for these two features will be linked.
> I take it that there's no immediate plans of this happening?


>>>Currently 'exampleClass<exampleClass2>' isn't associated with
>>>'exampleClass2' ('exampleClass2' is omitted when using
>>>'-fxml-start=exampleClass') unless it's used in 'exampleClass'.
>>GCC-XML cannot generate instantiations...it is a read-only walk of GCC's
>>representation.  It is up to the user to make sure desired tempaltes are
>>instantiated in the input translation unit.
> Yes but all the classes _are_ instantiated and visible without -fxml-start.

True, but the -fxml-start option is intended to specify a starting 
declaration and walk the reference graph defined by the _interface_ of 
the constructs encountered.  Until a link is setup as discussed above 
then the template argument is not considered part of the interface 
unless the instantiated class uses it in such a way.

I agree that the information you want is useful but unfortunately adding 
it is a non-trivial change to GCC-XML.


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