[GCC-XML] gccxml and boost.shared_ptr

Alexis H. Rivera-Rios ahrivera at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 28 13:32:32 EDT 2005

can somebody explain me this error?  Here is the code.
 It compiles fine in VC71/Boost 1.32

class Entity
		/// type of trajectory pointer
		typedef boost::shared_ptr<StatATA::Trajectory>
		/// constructor
		Entity() : trajectory(), state() {}
		/// destructor
		virtual ~Entity() {}
		/// sets the position
		void SetPosition(const gmtl::Point3d &pos)
			state.position = pos; 
		/// returns the position
		gmtl::Point3d GetPosition() const { return
state.position; }
		/// sets the velocity
		void SetVelocity(const gmtl::Vec3d& vel)
			state.velocity = vel;
		/// returns the velocity
		gmtl::Vec3d GetVelocity() const { return
state.velocity; }

		/// sets the acceleration
		void SetAcceleration(const gmtl::Vec3d& acc)
			state.acceleration = acc;
		/// returns the acceleration
		gmtl::Vec3d GetAcceleration() const { return
state.acceleration; }
		/// set the heading (unit vector)
		void SetHeading(const gmtl::Vec3d& hed)
			state.heading = hed;
		/// returns the heading of the missile (unit vector)
		gmtl::Vec3d GetHeading() const { return
state.heading; }

		/// sets the trajectory strategy
		void SetTrajectory(const TrajectoryPtr&
			trajectory = newTrajectory;
		/// delegates to the Trajectory object 
		/// the updating of the missile state
		virtual void UpdateState(double ellapsedTime=1)
			if (trajectory.get())
				//Trajectory *t = trajectory.get();

		/// reset the state to a default value
		virtual void ResetState()
			state = EntityState();
		EntityState state; ///< entity's physical state
		TrajectoryPtr trajectory; ///< algorithm for
updating the missle state
		/// copy constructor disabled
		Entity(const Entity& );
		/// assignment disabled
		Entity& operator=(const Entity &);


But when I run Pyste (which calls gccxml) it

C:/Boost/include/boost-1_32/boost/shared_ptr.hpp: In
member function `T*
   boost::shared_ptr<T>::operator->() const [with T =
../StatATA/entity.h:78:   instantiated from here
error: invalid conversion

   from `void*' to `const char*'
../StatATA/entity.h: In member function `virtual void
../StatATA/entity.h:78: error: `ellapseTime'
undeclared (first use this
../StatATA/entity.h:78: error: (Each undeclared
identifier is reported only
   once for each function it appears in.)

But if I do:

Trajectory *t = trajectory.get();

instead of:			

it works... but that sucks.  

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


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