[GCC-XML] VC mode?

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Fri Jan 6 08:56:19 EST 2006

dave at boost-consulting.com wrote:
> on a plane right now; can you get the attention of Paul Mensonides?  Posting about the pp lib to the boost list shoulld do it.
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> From:  Brad King <brad.king at kitware.com>
> Dave, I think the proper fix is to make Boost aware of GCC-XML.  During 
> preprocessing boost should choose the GCC alternative for parser 
> work-arounds when __GCCXML__ is defined.  Most of the changes would 
> probably be in boost/config.

It's not just the preprocessor's parser but also the compiler's parser 
that is GCC instead of what the GCC-XML preprocessor makes it appear. 
Changes will also be needed to the config library, which IIRC is John 
Maddock.  I'll post something about both libs to the boost list when I 
get a chance.


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