[GCC-XML] How to debug gccxml?

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Mon Jan 16 12:48:39 EST 2006

Daniel J. Lauk wrote:
> Did I get something wrong about static functions? I mean it's all a visibility 
> question, right? xml.c could not call DJL_xml_output_body(...) directly, 
> because it's static. This is why there is a specific entry function, which is 
> non-static. Sounded like a good idea to me...
> /* your entry point to this module */
> void do_xml_dump_body(xml_document_info_p xdi, tree t, int indent_level) {
>     /* this is where SIGSEGV gets triggered   :-(   */
>     DJL_xml_output_body(xdi->file, t, indent_level);
> }
> static void DJL_xml_output_body(FILE *file, tree t, int indent_level)

You're correct, this should have nothing to do with visibility.  If you 
make the second function non-static and call it directly instead of 
through the interface function what happens?


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