[GCC-XML] Error: attempt to use poisoned "calloc"

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Thu Jan 19 13:23:46 EST 2006

Daniel J. Lauk wrote:
> I tried that, too.
> Same error, only it complains about malloc, instead of calloc.
> /path/to/file.c:123:45: error: attempt to use poisoned "malloc"
> Besides, why would anyone prefer malloc to calloc? The man page says, calloc 
> additionally zeroes the memory, which is a good thing, I think...
> Of course you loose a little performance and if you're sure, that nothing goes 
> wrong you could skip it.
> I circumvent it now, by using a fixed size char[].

Oops, I meant "xmalloc".  It allocates from GCC's garbage collected memory.


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