[GCC-XML] Function bodies

Daniel J. Lauk dj at djlauk.de
Sun Jan 29 06:43:07 EST 2006

Am Freitag, 27. Januar 2006 15:48 schrieb Brad King:
> William Rivet wrote:
> > My intended use of function-body-dumping(as well as existing data
> > dumping) is for data coupling metrics. I don't need to even know what
> > the operations are, just if a given variable was read or written or
> > modified. The rest of the analysis wold be outside of gccxml. Certainly
> > this would not be useful in producing linkable code.
> >
> > I'm still unclear of the concern here, that is, why producing
> > "executable xml" should be treated different than producing x86 ELF
> > object code. and it sounds like it was made clear that gccxml would be
> > challenged if it went "too far". If I understand Daniel's  meaning, he
> > and I might be looking for similar incomplete information?
> It's not that the xml output might be "executable", it's that it might
> be such a detailed representation of the data structures in GCC itself
> that using it could be considered "linking" to the GPLed GCC code.
> Currently this is far from true but adding function bodies makes it closer.

Brad, you've seen the preliminary version of the output. Do you think it will 
cause any trouble?


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