[GCC-XML] Announcing Xrtti 0.1

Bryan Ischo bji-gccxml at ischo.com
Mon Apr 30 03:19:53 EDT 2007

Hi everyone.  Some of you may have been following the recent discussion
surrounding my Xrtti (extended runtime typing for C++) project.  Many of
you probably just ignored it because it was so voluminous :)

I am pleased to announced that I have released Xrtti version 0.1.  This is
my first release of this tool and I would love to hear feedback on it.

Currently the known issues are:

- Needs much more documentation - the web site has gaping holes where good
docs would be.

- Only compiled and tested on Fedora Core 5 at the moment.  It is based on
a portability library called Essence that I have yet to port to any
platform except Linux, but I will get cracking on that shortly.

You are welcome to peruse the Xrtti web site and to download and try the
software.  Xrtti is at:


Thank you, and best wishes,

Bryan Ischo                bryan at ischo.com            2001 Mazda 626 GLX
Hamilton, New Zealand      http://www.ischo.com     RedHat Fedora Core 5

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