[GCC-XML] Error with vcInstallPatch building

Achille Talon coockiejr at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 10:56:34 EDT 2007

 I posted the build log  in my first massage but it doesn't show much.
I succeeded  in building  gccxml  on windows XP  but encountered  a 
problem pretty similar to the Vista one .
During the build vcCat.exe is launched at least 2 times but on my pcs it 
just gets stuck at the end of the execution so I just shut vcCat down 
both times and the building continued without any problems ...

In the end, I'm still not sure what the problem really is (French 
version of VS 2005 getting in the way ?) or if my "hack" works on xp but 
it might help others..

Thanks for your time.

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