[GCC-XML] Error with vcInstallPatch building

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Wed Jul 11 10:47:23 EDT 2007

Coockie_jr wrote:
> I tried to apply the patch myself and indeed I get some patch errors.
> I'm posting then because I'm not to familiar with patches ...
> http://coockiejrdepot.free.fr/boulot/vc8includelog.txt
> <http://coockiejrdepot.free.fr/boulot/vc8includelog.txt>
> http://coockiejrdepot.free.fr/boulot/algorithm.rej
> http://coockiejrdepot.free.fr/boulot/crtdefs.h.rej
> <http://coockiejrdepot.free.fr/boulot/crtdefs.h.rej>
> I've got Win Xp with SP (french) and Visual Studio 2005 Professional
> with SP (french). But a don't see why the languages would change the
> headers :/
> And latest CVS GCC_XML version of course.

Which patch files did you try to apply?  My guess is you have SP1 but
the french version does not have the same service pack identifier so
GCC-XML tried to apply the plan-old VS8 patch.

The english VS 2005 SP1 is identified by this registry key:


Do you have it?  If not, what are the keys under



Can you try to apply one of the other VS8 patch files by hand?


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