[GCC-XML] Error with vcInstallPatch building

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Wed Jul 11 11:18:50 EDT 2007

Coockie_jr wrote:
> I reinstalled VS and didn't apply the SP, and now the patchs work again.
> This is so weird because my last install of VC way like 4 weeks ago.
> Now I'm just "scared" to install the service pack :/
> At least we know this is not a language issue (or perhaps only for the
> service pack)
> I'll try the service pack...

Hmm...perhaps you have a different service pack than I've seen.

What is the service pack you are downloading?  After installing, what
new keys exist under that InstalledProducts registry key?

Can you send me a screenshot of the "Help->About" dialog in the VS IDE
after the SP is installed (and before if it is easy)?


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