[GCC-XML] compilation pb running gccxml on code using SFINAE

MOSS Sebastian Sebastian.MOSS at murex.com
Wed Jun 6 14:53:12 EDT 2007



With the documented limitation of not producing xml description for
non-instantiated templated types, I'm developing a macro to take care of
this by declaring some extra typedefs in the style of


I'm having problems when gccxml encounters the following part of the
implementation however:


            template <typename T>

            class has_nested_value_type


                typedef char true_type;                     //
sizeof(true_type) == 1

                typedef struct { char a[2]; } false_type;   //
sizeof(false_type) > 1

                template <class U> true_type  static
has_nested_value_type_impl ( typename U::value_type const * );

                template <class U> false_type static
has_nested_value_type_impl ( ... );


                enum { value = (sizeof(has_nested_value_type_impl<T
>(0))==sizeof(true_type)) };



Causing the error:


Enumerator value for 'value' not integer constant.


This struct compiles fine with the vs7.1 compiler and I can see in the
gccxml_config file in the gccxml directory the following lines:





My guess is that an older gcc compiler is being simulated as this error
is produced with gcc 3.2.3 for example, but not with 3.4.2.


Could this be as simple as passing the wrong flags to gccxml?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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