[GCC-XML] request for your help: I'm running gccxml on win xp but it...doesn't accept "g++" as the compiler.

Pfeffer, Moshe MPfeffer at nds.com
Wed May 30 11:11:38 EDT 2007

Hello and thank you in advance for reading this question…


I installed gccxml v 0.6 onto my windows-xp machine (.exe installation file)

As I do not have Microsoft compilers on my computer, I attempted to run gccxml

With GCCXML_COMPILER="g++" as the lone entry in file gccxml_config

(I changed the line from GCCXML_COMPILER=cl, which was looking for

Microsoft C++ compilers).


I get the following error message, and no further, when I try to run gccxml with a simple

.cpp file as the only command line argument, or even if I manually specify GCCXML_COMPILER on the command


      gccxml --gccxml-compiler=g++ main.cpp


The error reads:

D:\Program Files\GCC_XML\bin\tests>..\gccxml main.cpp

Compiler "g++" is not supported by GCC_XML.

Could not determine GCCXML_FLAGS setting.


D:\Program Files\GCC_XML\bin\tests>


Note: the bin directory containing my g++ and cpp executable IS in the %PATH% environment:


D:\Program Files\GCC_XML\bin\tests>g++

g++: no input files


D:\Program Files\GCC_XML\bin\tests>cpp



# 1 "<stdin>"

# 1 "<built-in>"

# 1 "<command line>"

# 1 "<stdin>"

<stdin>:1:2: #error


D:\Program Files\GCC_XML\bin\tests>


Can someone with experience advise me on this?


Thanks again, in advance.


Thank you,
"There is salvation in much counsel" -Proverbs
 תשועה ברב יועץ -משלי
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