[GCC-XML] gccxml-bodies: Trouble with errorcount

Chris Waldron cwaldron at intrinsyc.com
Sat Aug 2 12:08:51 EDT 2008

As a feature request, it would nice if template parameter types can be
added as an attribute of the Class Element. For example:

template <typename P1, typename P2> TemplateClass


class TemplateClass<void, int> 


<Class id="_10" name="TemplateClass<void,int*>" members="_23 _25
_26 _27 _28 _29 _30 " bases="_21 _24 " tparams="_20 _21">
    <Base type="_21" access="public" virtual="0" offset="12"/>
    <Base type="_24" access="public" virtual="0" offset="0"/>

The tparams attribute indicates the template parameter types defined on
the class.  I cannot seem to find an easy way of determining the
template parameter types from the XML output.


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