[GCC-XML] problem with gcc 3.4.6

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Tue Aug 12 11:48:46 EDT 2008

Stefan Roiser wrote:
> it seems that the macro __GXX_WEAK__ is the culprit because the system
> compiler does not define it while the gccxml compiled version does
> [lxbuild115] /build/roiser > echo | /usr/bin/c++ -E -dD - | grep GXX_WEAK
> [lxbuild115] /build/roiser > echo |
> /build/roiser/gccxml/0.9.0_20080811/slc4_amd64_gcc34/bin/gccxml_cc1plus
> -E -dD - | grep GXX_WEAK
> #define __GXX_WEAK__ 1

The gccxml front-end runs gccxml_cc1plus with the "-undef" flag.  Does
__GXX_WEAK__ still appear with that?

> and invoking the following line works fine
> [lxbuild115] /build/roiser > gccxml --gccxml-cxxflags "-U__GXX_WEAK__"
> test.h -fxml=test.xml
> [lxbuild115] /build/roiser >
> Would it be possible to build gccxml(_cc1plus) without the __GXX_WEAK__
> symbol? Or would there be another solution to this?

Yes, but I'd first like to figure out why it is appearing.  The "-undef"
flag is supposed to skip all these definitions.  I even see a check for
it in GCC's code just before it defines __GXX_WEAK__.


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