[GCC-XML] problem with gcc 3.4.6

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Wed Aug 13 09:16:16 EDT 2008

Stefan Roiser wrote:
> Looking a bit further I see that other people have a similar problem
> when cross compiling using a gcc >= 4.2. My next try is now to use a
> modified gccxml-0.9/GCC/3.4/bits/gthr-default.h with the diff below,
> this seems to work. Would this be OK?
> 66c66,67
> <   extern __typeof(name) __gthrw_ ## name __attribute__
> ((__weakref__(#name)))
> ---
>>   extern __typeof(name) __gthrw_ ## name

So this is caused by gcc 4.2 (used for the internal parser in gccxml)
having trouble with that header.  This is the exact purpose of the
patched headers directory.  I've committed your patched header.

<--  gthr-default.h
initial revision: 1.1

Please update and test it.


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