[GCC-XML] ANNOUNCEMENT: gccxml-bodies updated to CVS tag gccxml-gcc42-bp

dj at djlauk.de dj at djlauk.de
Wed Aug 27 13:56:43 EDT 2008

Dear all,

yesterday I finally reached another milestone:
The gccxml-bodies subproject is now updated to GCCXML's CVS tag gccxml-gcc42-bp.

I successfully built it and ran all my tests successfully. For the
first time all 29 of 29 tests succeeded.
(One of the reasons for the upgrade was the hope for the 29th test
case to succeed).

A giant "Thank you!" to Brad King who has always been very supportive
and finally pushed me into the correct direction so that reaching this
milestone was possible.

The next milestone on my list is updating to GCCXML's CVS HEAD.

You'll find information on the subproject on sourceforge:

The Mercurial (hg) repository is hosted on and available from freehg:


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