[GCC-XML] Managing include paths and the support dir

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Fri Jun 13 13:48:27 EDT 2008

Tony wrote:
> I am using MSVC9, and that works well. I want to use STLPort instead
> of the default Dinkumware STL and I am willing to manually create a
> support directory to ensure that all works nicely.

Okay, that should be possible.

> My current challenge is that I am not sure I see how to do one of the following:
> * include my own path before GCCXML_FLAGS (i.e. GCCXML_PRE_FLAGS)
> * specify the support dir I want to go in manually.
> For example I'd love to say:
> if (USE_STLP)
> 	gccxml --supportdir "vc9_stlp"
> else
> 	gccxml --supportdir "vc9"
> I know you can specify a compiler, but that checks the registry to
> find out where to look. Is there a way to get more control than that?

The GCCXML_FLAGS are computed automatically by default, but you can set
them by hand if you want.  Run "gccxml --help" to see how...there are
several choices.  The key flag is a "-iwrapper" option I added to GCC's
preprocessor.  It specifies an include directory that is checked before
all other include directories.  This flag is used to specify the search
path for patched system headers.


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