[GCC-XML] gccxml-bodies: iostream: "sorry, unimplemented"

dj at djlauk.de dj at djlauk.de
Tue Jun 17 17:12:18 EDT 2008

Thanks a lot for the fast response.

> It looks like the errors are coming from conversion of an expression to
> a string.  Since not all expressions need to be converted to strings
> just for producing error messages GCC does not support all expressions.

Ah, so thats what's going on!
Sounds fair enough to me.

>  You'll have to figure out why my/your code is asking it to do string
> conversion on such an expression.

Well, obviously my code is triggering the behaviour. I have all tests
run with and without the body dumping option enabled and without that
flag set the error messages don't occur. So, I take the blame and
start diggin around.

I'll have a look at the mailing list archives tomorrow about hooking
gdb up to gccxml tomorrow.

Kind regards,

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