[GCC-XML] problem with gccxml + boost

Jakub Zytka kubol at kormoran.net
Wed Mar 17 05:50:06 EDT 2010

Jakub Zytka wrote:
> gccxml-0.9.0_pre20090516-r1
> boost-1.33.1
> sample code:
> #include <boost/crc.hpp>
> gccxml output:
> In file included from test1.cpp:1:
> /usr/include/boost/crc.hpp:432: error: redefinition of 'struct 
> boost::detail::mask_uint_t<32ul>'
> /usr/include/boost/crc.hpp:410: error: previous definition of 'struct 
> boost::detail::mask_uint_t<32ul>'
> i think the problem is that:
> UINT_MAX > USHRT_MAX and ULONG_MAX > UINT_MAX evaluate to true, while 
> unsigned int has the same size as unsigned long (so ULONG_MAX == UINT_MAX)
> gcc-4.1.2 compiles it just fine. I haven't tried newer gcc.
I found the cause. It was the flag -m32. With -m64 gccxml fails with completely 
other error ;)
Note: regular gcc compiles fine with -m32

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