[GCC-XML] Argument list too long

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Fri Mar 19 08:41:12 EDT 2010

Pascal J. Bourguignon wrote:
> On 2010/03/17, at 12:27 , Vishal Bayskar wrote:
>> but every time it is giving an error
>> =======
>> Error: Could not run /usr/local/bin/gccxml:
>> Argument list too long
>> =======
> This is a limit of the host operating system.  In general, there's a
> limit on the number of arguments and on the total size of the arguments
> that can be passed to a process.

The argument list that gccxml generates for its internal parser
is no where close to the limit of 64-bit Linux argv[].

> On 2010/03/17, at 12:27 , Vishal Bayskar wrote:
>   GCCXML_COMPILER="/usr/lib64/ccache/c++"

We don't support ccache.  Try

  gccxml --gccxml-compiler g++ example1.cxx -fxml=example1.xml


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