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jithin kp useris.jithin at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 03:17:58 EDT 2012


The purpose of using GCC-XML from my end would be in parsing the XML
generated file and creating test cases. This I think can be achieved using
GCC_XML. But, I've com,7,7.1e across some difficult questions like,

1) *gccxml.exe* not supporting "c1" because there is no MSVC 6, 7, 7.1
Installed. But, I've seen one more EXE named *gccxml_cc1plus.exe *and which
is able to parse the C++ source files.

prsently I'm using *gccxml_cc1plus.exe *and I don't know how it work!!!(Im
using vs2010 and OS win7)

Support required to understand these difference and then choosing one of it
for further developments.
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