[GCC-XML]autoheader not found on Solaris 8

Xu, Yanjun yanjunxu at umich.edu
Fri Oct 11 11:26:53 EDT 2002


I installed both autoconf and automake 1.7 for Solaris 8. While autom4te
keeps asking for GNU m4. There is m4 in the /usr/ccs/bin. I installed the
GNU m4 1.4 for Solaris 8 and put the path /usr/local/bin before
/usr/ccs/bin. The autom4te still asks for GNU m4 1.4 or later. I removed the
package autoconf and installed it again. It doesn't work. Does anyone has
some idea about this? Thanks again.


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> I'm compiling patched gcc 3.04 for gccxml_cc1plus on Solaris 8. There
> was a error:
> /bin/sh: autoheader: not found.
> Could anybody help me with this? Thanks a lot.

It's part of autoconf, available from ftp.gnu.org.  While you're there, you
may need automake too.

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