[GCC-XML]consts and inc paths.

Ola Olsson ola.olsson at gmx.net
Wed Feb 19 03:07:52 EST 2003

I'm using gcc-xml to create a tool to run as a pre-build step in VC7 and generate a cpp file containing type info for all types in
all header files in the project and all the types they use in turn, wherever they may be. It's working out quite well, thanks for a
nice tool.

1) why are const'ness signified with a 'c' suffix on the id of the item? It just seems a bit inconsistent (and makes it a tiny bit
harder to parse). Just curious really :)

2) I'm trying to apply the app to a relatively big project and my problem is that it doesnt seem to handle include paths the same as
VC7. for instance if I have the files:


in b.cpp
#include "q\x.h"

in x.h:
#include "z.h"

then gccxml will say that there is no such file as "z.h" (refering to its inclusion from "q\x.h"). The only solution I can think of
is to specify every single path in the project with the -I option, but that is a bit messy (at the moment I find out most neccesary
info from the .vcproj file).


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