[GCC-XML]consts and inc paths.

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Wed Feb 19 17:43:28 EST 2003

> 1) why are const'ness signified with a 'c' suffix on the id of the item?
> It just seems a bit inconsistent (and makes it a tiny bit harder to
> parse). Just curious really :)

This is to avoid having duplicate nodes.  For example, just for type int,
there would have to be four nodes (normal, const, volatile, and const
volatile) in order to give each one a distinct id.

> 2) I'm trying to apply the app to a relatively big project and my
> problem is that it doesnt seem to handle include paths the same as VC7.
> for instance if I have the files:
> q\x.h
> q\z.h
> b.cpp
> in b.cpp
> #include "q\x.h"

Try using forward slashes, which is the posix standard and should work for
any platform, including vc7.

#include "q/x.h"

The problem is that the GCC parser backend is a unix program, so it thinks
a \ is an escape sequence.


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