[GCC-XML]Wrong output in version 0.4.1?

Nicodemus nicodemus at globalite.com.br
Sat Feb 22 20:36:46 EST 2003

Brad King wrote:

>>]set GCCXML_USER_FLAGS=-ID:\Programming\Libraries\STLport-4.5.3\stlport
>GCCXML_USER_FLAGS is only provided as a way for users to experiment with
>simulating new compilers.  It can be used to add -ffoo or -Wbar flags to
>control GCC's behavior.  To add an include path, just add the -I to the
>gccxml command line:
>gccxml test.cxx -fxml=test.xml -ID:/Programming/...
>Note also the use of forward slashes.  GCC is a unix tool, and it may be
>treating the backslashes as escape sequences.

Thanks for the reply Brad, but it still doesn't work:

] cl /c /Tp test.h -ID:/Programming/Libraries/STLport-4.5.3/stlport
 > Microsoft (R) 32-bit C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 12.00.8168 for 
 > Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1984-1998. All rights reserved.
 > test.h

] gccxml test.h 
-fxml=test.xml -ID:/Programming/Libraries/STLport-4.5.3/stlport
 > test.h: In function `void x()':
 > test.h:49: `max' undeclared in namespace `std'
 > test.h:50: `min' undeclared in namespace `std'

With test.h being:

    #include <algorithm>

    void x()

Any other idea of what can be wrong? Thanks again for your time.


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