[GCC-XML]Why does gccxml.exe demand MSVC on Windows?

Mike Capp aphelion at clara.co.uk
Mon Feb 24 19:44:25 EST 2003


I've just downloaded and unpacked the gccxml 0.4.1 zipfile on an old 
machine running Win98. I don't have any version of MSVC on this box - I use 
gcc-mingw with GNU make and a text editor - so attempts to run the frontend 
app barf as follows:

C:\home\bin\GCC_XML>gccxml try\test.cpp -fxml=try\test.xml
Compiler "cl" is not supported by GCC_XML because neither MSVC 6 or MSVC 7 
is installed.
Could not determine GCCXML_FLAGS setting.

Looking through the gxConfiguration::FindFlags() source, MSVC seems to be 
the only compiler supported by Windows builds.

Given that I can get what looks like perfectly good XML output by running 
gccxml_cc1plus.exe directly with only a sourcefile and an -fxml option, 
wouldn't it make sense for gccxml.exe to do this (maybe with a warning) if 
all else fails, or if GCCXML_COMPILER="g++" ?


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