[GCC-XML]problem with output

Paul Ross gccxml at paulross.demon.co.uk
Thu Nov 6 18:43:43 EST 2003


Looking at your output you are running gccxml across Symbian code. To 
the best of my knowledge Symbian code requires gcc 2.95 and a 
specially patched version of gcc 2.95 at that.

I notice that -D__GCC32__ shows up, are you trying to simulate gcc 
3.2? This may be ambitious with Symbian code.

Might this be part of the problem?

If so it might be worth having a shot at using gcccxml to simulate 
gcc 2.95 on that code, if that shows promise but still fails there 
maybe some compiler flags that you can set to get gccxml to mimic 
Symbian's supported compiler.

Let me know how you get on!


>I have a problem concerning the output of gccxml. I get a huge printing
>to my stderr which I do not want. Can you tell me how to get rid of it,
>I am using both MS Windows 2000 and XP and I am mostly using Nokia S60
>project files as an input. I do not have Visual Studio so I am using
>following configurations:
>Then by using following command:
>X:\ gccxml AknExGridView.cpp -fxml=test.xml
>-IC:\Symbian\6.1\Series60\epoc32\include -D__GCC32__ -D__wchar_t=wchar_t
>-D__declspec(a)= -D_UNICODE -pedantic
>I get a very long output to my stderr which is apparently some kind of
>debug info and statistics:
>"In file included from C:/Symbian/6.1/Series60/epoc32/include/coeaui.h:10,
>                 from C:/Symbian/6.1/Series60/epoc32/include/eikappui.h:10,
>                 from C:/Symbian/6.1/Series60/epoc32/include/aknappui.h:13,
>                 from
>                 from
>C:/Symbian/6.1/Series60/epoc32/include/e32std.h:386: warning: comma at
>end of
>   enumerator list
>TInt Lim(int, unsigned int) TInt LimX(int, unsigned int) T Min(T, T) T
>Min(T, unsigned int) T Max(T, T) T Max(T, unsigned int) T Abs(T) TBool
>Rng(T, T, T) T* PtrAdd(T*, S) T* PtrSub(T*, S) T Align2(T) T Align4(T)
>TDblQueLinkBase::TDblQueLinkBase() TDblQueLinkBase::TDblQueLinkBase()
>TDblQueLinkBase::TDblQueLinkBase() TDesC8::TDesC8() TDesC8::TDesC8()
>TDesC8::TDesC8() TDes8::TDes8() TDes8::TDes8() TDes8::TDes8()
>TDesC16::TDesC16() TDesC16::TDesC16() TDesC16::TDesC16()
>TDes16::TDes16() TDes16::TDes16() TDes16::TDes16()
>TSize::TSize(TSize::TUninitialized) TSize::TSize(TSize::TUninitialized)
>TSize::TSize(TSize::TUninitialized) TRect::TRect(TRect::TUninitialized)
>TRect::TRect(TRect::TUninitialized) TRect::TRect(TRect::TUninitialized)
>In file included from C:/Symbian/6.1/Series60/epoc32/include/coeaui.h:10, "
>... (continuing several pages, and ending: )
>"Execution times (seconds)
>garbage collection    :   0.58 (21%) usr   0.00 ( 0%) sys   0.58 (16%) wall
>preprocessing         :   0.15 ( 6%) usr   0.10 (27%) sys   0.63 (18%) wall
>lexical analysis      :   0.32 (12%) usr   0.17 (43%) sys   0.43 (12%) wall
>parser                :   1.60 (59%) usr   0.12 (31%) sys   1.80 (51%) wall
>varconst              :   0.01 ( 1%) usr   0.00 ( 0%) sys   0.03 ( 1%) wall
>symout                :   0.00 ( 0%) usr   0.00 ( 0%) sys   0.00 ( 0%) wall
>TOTAL                 :   2.71             0.40             3.51 "
>Is there any way to prevent this output?
>        Raisa
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