[GCC-XML]problems with head file

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Wed Sep 17 07:22:20 EDT 2003


Does the A.hpp file exist in the same directory as B.hpp? If not then I 
believe that I am correct in saying that you have to specify a location 
for the user includes in the GCCXML config file. Usually the config file 
has the user include set to /usr/include i.e. GCCXML_FLAGS="... 
-l/usr/include" (try gccxml --print to see the setting). So I guess that 
you can either put A.hpp in the same directory as B.hpp, or put A.hpp in 
/usr/include or add the location of A.hpp to the config file.

As for the second part then these are compiler generated objects such as 
Vtables, copy constructors and so on. The names come from the name 
mangling scheme which, I believe is the one used for the Itanium ABI. See http://www.codesourcery.com/cxx-abi/abi.html#mangling

Paul Ross.

Wei Lu <welu at cs.indiana.edu>
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I have a problem when try compiling a head file which include other head
files. Such as content of B.hpp is

#include "A.hpp"

Class B : public A {

gccxml gave the error below

"B.hpp:6:17: A.hpp: No such file or directory", this is same even for the
system head file. Can any one help me with this?

Another question about the sementic of XML result, what is mean of

 <Variable id="_2" name="_ZTI1A" type="_5c" context="_1" location="f0:6"
  <Variable id="_3" name="_ZTV1A" type="_6" init="{0, (&_ZTI1A),
A::~A, A::~A}" context="_4" location="f0:6"/>

This seems be at every XML files.

Thanks lot

                 Wei Lu
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