[GCC-XML]support of bitfields

Wilfried Munz Wilfried.Munz at marconi.com
Wed Sep 24 02:50:12 EDT 2003

Hi all,

I'm using gcc_xml in a project in which we have to
reuse a lot of code. We have a Testing-Environment,
written in python, to inject messages to an application.
Normaly we describe our messages in XML, but for the
existing code we have to transform the header-Files
to our XML-Language in order to have the possibility
to stimulate this code. I'm now using your gcc_xml-tool
to extract the necessary code and afterwords I'm
transforming your XML-Output with a tiny python-script
to the XML-Format we need.It works quite well,
except the handling of bitfields. They are not supported yet.

For example we have a type definition like:

typedef struct {
   unsigned char  bf1  :4;
   unsigned char  bf2  :1;
   unsigned char  bf3  :3;
} T_struct_with_bitfields;

My Questions are:
1) Is it planned to support bitfields in the near future?
2) If not, can anyone give me some hints to do this by myself?

You did a great job with your tool, Thank you.
Thanks also for answering my Questions.

- Wilfried

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