[GCC-XML] methods on structs? possible misunderstanding of templated functions...

John Morrison jm at mak.com
Sun Nov 7 11:18:24 EST 2004


Short Version: I am getting a "method" for a "struct" (instead of a
class) defined by the STL.  Is this expected behavior (i.e., do I
misunderstand the meaning of "method" -- e.g., a templated function is
a method rather than a function)?

Longer Version, with smallest test case I can find: When I do this --

-- cut here ---

[jm at jmorrison GCCXML]$ gccxml -I/usr/include/g++-3/ 
-fxml=bastring.xml /usr/include/g++-3/std/bastring.h
[jm at jmorrison GCCXML]$ 

-- cut here ---

I get these two lines in my resultant xml file -- the first is the
"method," and the second is the context, which I take it is a struct
rather than a class (that's my confusion, and it creates uncertainty
in my mind as to how to wrap the function)...

-- cut here ---

[jm at jmorrison GCCXML]$ fgrep compare bastring.xml
  <Method id="_1403" name="compare" returns="_277" static="1" context="_666" 
mangled="_ZN18string_char_traitsIcE7compareEPKcS2_j" location="f29:129" 
file="f29" line="129" endline="129" extern="1">
[jm at jmorrison GCCXML]$ fgrep 'id="_666"' bastring.xml
  <Struct id="_666" name="string_char_traits<char>" context="_1" 
mangled="18string_char_traitsIcE" location="f29:111" file="f29" line="111" 
artificial="1" size="8" align="8" members="_1394 _1395 _1396 _1397 _1398 
_1399 _1400 _1401 _1402 _1403 _1404 _1405 _1406 _1407 " bases=""/>
[jm at jmorrison GCCXML]$

-- cut here ---

 GCC-XML version 0.7.0 (from CVS)

Confusedly Yours,

-jm (still working on cutting down the duplicate-id problem to a
tractable example)

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