[GCC-XML] methods on structs? possible misunderstanding of templated functions...

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Sun Nov 7 17:27:28 EST 2004

John Morrison wrote:
> Short Version: I am getting a "method" for a "struct" (instead of a
> class) defined by the STL.  Is this expected behavior (i.e., do I
> misunderstand the meaning of "method" -- e.g., a templated function is
> a method rather than a function)?

The only difference between a struct and a class in C++ when there are 
constructors is whether members are public or private by default.  If 
you preprocess your example input with your compiler I bet the 
string_char_traits aggregate is declared as a struct.  GCC-XML is just 
dumping what it sees.


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