[GCC-XML] methods on structs? possible misunderstanding of templated functions...

John Morrison jm at mak.com
Sun Nov 7 18:29:33 EST 2004

On Sunday 07 November 2004 05:27 pm, Brad King wrote:
> The only difference between a struct and a class in C++ when there are
> constructors is whether members are public or private by default.  If
> you preprocess your example input with your compiler I bet the
> string_char_traits aggregate is declared as a struct.  GCC-XML is just
> dumping what it sees.

I am more than a little bit embarrassed to admit that I did not know
that C++ structs more closely resembled C++ classes than C structs.
Learn something every day, I guess.

GCCXML is not just software -- it's an education.


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