[GCC-XML] unsupported type tree_list?

John Morrison jm at mak.com
Tue Nov 9 15:23:58 EST 2004


(1) Keep in the back of your mind that I still get that "id collision"
error.  (I am building gccxml from CVS sources, so I don't think I
have the version that puts the property characters "c" and/or "v"
after the IDs -- I have the "new" scheme?)

(2) I see about 50 lines of the following when running gccxml on code
that uses STL (there are no other diagnostics):

xml_find_template_parm encountered unsupported type tree_list

(3) I get the following (bogus?) xml output from stl_alloc.c, line 338.

  <Enumeration id="_20571" name="._50" context="_5653" access="private" 
location="f505:338" file="f505" line="338" artificial="1" size="32" 

I think it's bogus in that there doesn't seem to be any "_50" anything
anywhere in the file (or in the include directory).

Any suggestions as to how to proceed?  Should I finally bite the
bullet and submit the preprocessed source?  The uncompressed
preprocessed source (which tickles the "unsupported" diagnostic) is
2MB.  The uncompressed resultant XML (containing both the ._50
weirdness and an id collision for id "_4809") is 5MB.

Thanks in advance.


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