[GCC-XML] GCCXML: Quantitative estimate of work required for moving to GCC3.4.x

Rakesh Karia rakeshkaria at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 30 05:03:41 EST 2004


Is there any way for me to find out how much work would be required to 
suitably patch GCCXML for GCC3.4.1 or GCC3.4.2? Are we talking days, weeks, 
months? Is this something which I can fudge by modifying the GCCXML_FLAGS 
config setting?

It would be useful for me to have GCCXML working on 3.4.1 because I'd like 
to use it as a precursor to moving my code over to a newer compiler (GCC 
3.4.1). I can hopefully spend some time re-working my code so it gets 
accepted by this patched GCCXML, from which point the amount of work 
required to switch compilers should be reduced (or so goes the plan!).

Thanks in advance for any help!

kesh. mmm...chocolatey.

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