[GCC-XML] GCCXML: Quantitative estimate of work required for moving to GCC3.4.x

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Tue Nov 30 07:08:14 EST 2004

Rakesh Karia wrote:
> Is there any way for me to find out how much work would be required to 
> suitably patch GCCXML for GCC3.4.1 or GCC3.4.2? Are we talking days, 
> weeks, months? Is this something which I can fudge by modifying the 
> GCCXML_FLAGS config setting?

Are you talking about getting GCC-XML to support GCC 3.4's standard 
library headers, or actually replacing GCC-XML's internal parser with 
3.4?  The former is pretty easy (less than a day) and the latter will 
probably take around a week.


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